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How to register?

(1) Click button “register” at the top of the screen to open the register page.

(2) Fill in the registry information, and make sure it is complete. The E-mail address is used for getting your password back, so please fill in your E-mail address most constantly used.

What can you do if you forget your password?

(1) Click button “forget password” beside “register”.

(2) Enter your E-mail address.

(3) Click button “get your password back” and your password will be sent to your mailbox which you provided when register.

(4) If you forget the E-mail address you’ve provided, please contact us. E-mail:

How to subscribe the journal?

(1) Click “subscribe journal” on the home page.

(2) Choose a subscription form (paper or digital).

(3) Paper form—first, enter your name, telephone, post address and post code; second, choose the subscription time (you will see the payment amount after choosing); last, click “subscribe”. Complete the remittance according to the prompt on the screen.

(4) Digital form—enter your E-mail address in the input box.